WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Effective March 19, 2019: We will be discontinuing production on select flavors as well as introducing new packaging. Please call or Email for more details.
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About Us

Beginning in 2016, we are excited to have taken our full line of products to the next level with the introduction of our ISO-7 certified clean room. With FDA regulations looming in the future, we wanted to take the necessary precautions so that when that time does come we will be ready to comply without needing to revamp our mixing process.

Contained in our clean room is our proprietary mixing machine, which automates the bottle mixing process from start to finish.

Bottles are sorted out at the beginning, before moving down a conveyor belt where they are precisely filled to the correct level. Levels are calibrated before each batch to ensure the appropriate fill level is being applied each time. They are then capped with a CRC dropper before being sent along for a label to be applied.

After the bottle has been labeled, they are sent down the line where a heat shrink band is applied. The bottle then passes through a heat tunnel where the shrink band is set in place.

At the end of the process, each bottle is inspected by two of our team members as a final check. Once the bottle has been cleared, it is ready to be shipped out.