• WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


For years now we’ve grown the Bombies brand from a small time online shop to an established presence in the e-liquid industry. In that timeframe, we’ve matured and tweaked our branding but overall the theme has remained consistent and clear. If you’re struggling to take that next step with your brand, let us help you grow into the brand you envision. Contact us for more details.


What’s in a name? How do you build a reputation? For Bombies, our name is our reputation. One built on a label that has withstood not only the test of time, but consumer trends, industry pressures, and through it all emerged as the gold standard of the industry. From our award winning flavors to our certified ISO-7 clean room, we’ve established our name as a brand of only the highest caliber.

In our experience, customers will always stick with brands that they believe in. It’s no wonder then that Bombies customers generally stay customers. A strong brand speaks to the way a customer feels about the product. From the minimalistic design of our labels to the flavor profiles of our juices, the customers can tell that Bombies as a brand is not only reliable, but most importantly consistent. Consistency is key as customers are often overwhelmed by choice. The fact that we are consistently chosen for purchase speaks volumes about who we are and what we do.


As mentioned, reliability plays a key role in branding. When a customer purchases a Bombies product, they can always rest assured that we will go out of our way to fix any mishaps that might occur along the way. It is reasonable to say, in fact, the most important part of our branding is reliability. Our team will always strive to make sure that the customer receives exactly what they paid for, without delay or additional strife. We just think things should work properly.


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